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FPS Creator X10 / Help X10 Error all shows when started

Legion Games
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Joined: 3rd Jan 2012
Posted: 4th Jan 2012 03:05
It keeps on saying Unpacking Files Then this pops up


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Joined: 26th Jul 2010
Location: Preston, Lancashire
Posted: 4th Jan 2012 13:39
I know everyone will say this to you, so, i might as well be the first.

A: post your system specs (this can help)
B: make sure you have the latest graphics drivers installed
C: make sure to update X10 to the latest version (1.11)
D:If you have just installed it and haven't rebooted your system, try rebooting. It might help (although, i don't think it will.)

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Joined: 19th Sep 2009
Location: Volgograd
Posted: 12th Jan 2012 07:06 Edited at: 12th Jan 2012 07:07
We really need your OS type as well.


Re-read your post. This also sounds like the lack of Administrator privileges. Make sure your on an admin account and that you run the account as administrator.

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