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Windows / Publishing to AppUp

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Joined: 21st Jun 2010
Posted: 16th Jan 2012 19:32
I originally posted the following in the other forum, but I think it is more specific to this one:

I'm trying to build my app and upload to AppUp. Anyone have any luck with this? I started following the directions. I didn't get very far. I copied the "interpreter_appup" folder to "myapp_appup". Then, using Visual Studio Express, open the solution in that folder. When I do this, I get a message that I need to convert it because it's an older version. I convert and then continue the instructions.

The next step says to remove the interpreter_appup item, which I do. Here's where I can't continue. It says to Add an existing project, navigate to my newly created folder and select the .vcproj file. When I do, it says "the selected file cannot be opened as a solution or project. Please select a solution file or a project file."

Anyone else have this problem when trying to build a solution for AppUp?
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Posted: 17th Jan 2012 02:33
Did you check out the ADG group site? Hopefully Baxslash will come across and point you in the right direction...

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