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Android / T2 Gaining Focus again

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Joined: 18th Nov 2011
Posted: 18th Jan 2012 18:41
My game won't run after it loses focus. Has anyone had the same issue? If so how did you fix it? I know Android should take care of the state so it shouldn't have this issue but has anyone been able to get through these issues?
Ancient Lady
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Posted: 13th May 2012 21:04
As of v1072, the GetResumed() command will return a 1 if the app has lost focus and then regained it.

So, the first thing that should be done in the main do loop is to check that value and behave appropriately.

In my case, when my game is in play mode (as opposed to menu mode), it places the game in pause and displays a paused message.

Ancient Lady

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