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Dark GDK / First Dark GDK Game

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Joined: 14th Feb 2009
Location: Dallas, TX, US
Posted: 22nd Jan 2012 05:47
This is my first game in Dark GDK. I've been glancing at Dark GDK since it's release a few years ago, but never got far into learning the library. I started off by porting a game from The Game Maker's Apprentice: Evil Clutches. This is what I've got so far, in two days:

- Player
- Movement from input
- Boundary check
- Boss
- Movement
- Boundary reversal
- Demon
- Max on screen: 3
- Spawning from Boss position
- Start with one of three movement presets
- Boundary checks
- Properly sets demons to "dead" if past player
- Properly handles "alive" or "dead" for each demon

Code State:

There is little "organization" and not much object oriented programming etiquette. I tried to begin with clean code, but decided to get as much done as possible. Most code is in Main and most of the header and source files are not used yet. Only the Math header has some thorough use.

It's getting late here in the States and I'm going to bed. Tomorrow I want to add player, demon, and fireball collisions. Also, I'll add the baby dragon element which gives the player extra score when captured, removes score if shot, and maybe lose score with demon collision. Not sure on the last part.

I want to finish porting as many of the games The Game Maker's Apprentice before I purchase a new laptop. I'll be moving to the App Game Kit library full time to avoid any clashes in Visual Studio.

P.S. If someone could point me to an article or perhaps post how to create multiple projects in one solution. Also, linking code from one project to another. Or from the main project to sub projects. So I can code physics, AI, and networking engines while using them on multiple projects.


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Joined: 3rd Apr 2009
Location: Australia, QueensLand
Posted: 3rd Mar 2012 13:16
Erm if your talking about having a main project / solution with sub 'files' then you click the menu on the left Solution explorer and then (find) & right click your Source Files folder and then click add New Item then click New Item a .cpp file and put your functions ect in that. Any classes or what not put in .h's -> .h files are declarations / .cpp files are definitions.

if you want to LOAD a file into your project you copy the files into your project, then in visual studios, again click the solution explorer, right click source files, click add then click existing item and (find) & add your / a file into your project.

once you create / loaded a file(s) in your your main or any file you just #include it. eg include "GameEngine.h"

Hopefully thats what you meant aha...

3d point in space
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Joined: 30th Jun 2009
Location: Idaho
Posted: 3rd Mar 2012 19:18
Nice graphics, I would say I would help you if you can make such graphics as this in the future. I currently making a engine in agk.

Developer of Space Chips, pianobasic, zipzapzoom, and vet pinball apps.
Developed the tiled map engine seen on the showcase.
Veterian for the military.

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