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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / dark AI supporting y axis?

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Joined: 26th Sep 2010
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Posted: 28th Jan 2012 14:12
Hi guys,

Im making a space game that involves Dark AI for AI and
have noticed that I can only work with the x, and z axis.
But this means that I cant have ships move up and down in
space. I tried finding a loop hole and found no luck. So
if anybody can give me advice that would be greatful.


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Posted: 28th Jan 2012 15:46
you would have to make your space area a container and have your ship start in center of it.

the above is just a guess as I 've not seen anyone try to use it like this yet.

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Posted: 29th Jan 2012 10:18
There is a sample code snippet with DAI that allows you to set DAI waypoints.. which allows the AI players to move up and down...

You could create a path generator which creates these waypoints randomly in all three axis and then apply it within your world and make your AI objects follow that code...

Hope this helps...

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