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Dark GDK / Linker problem 2019

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Joined: 5th Dec 2010
Location: Romania
Posted: 1st Feb 2012 20:06
I created a form application and when i press the start button to run the game.
But when i compile it, it compiles but when it tries to link it, it says LNK2019, 193 times.
I'm using Visual studio 2008(not the express edition).
I've tried some solutions posted online, like add msvcrtd.lib to ignore specific libraries. But they don't work.
The DarkGDK function is in stdfax.cpp and it has extern in front.
What should i modify?

Forward thanks.
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Joined: 3rd Apr 2009
Location: Australia, QueensLand
Posted: 3rd Mar 2012 12:51 Edited at: 3rd Mar 2012 12:54
I don't know too much about this stuff BUT have you:

1. Checked if there is a DarkGDK game wizard - use it instead?

2. Made sure your linker Multi-threaded setting are set to (MTd) in
project -> configuration properties -> C++ -> Code Generation ->
Runtime Libary to Multi-threaded Debug (/MTd)

(this can give alot of errors, idk sometimes i need to switch
between MTd and MT to get to work, but usually its fine)

3. Included the DarkGDK files if need be? in the menu:
Tool -> Options -> Projects and Solutions -> Vc++ Directories ->
and there in the top right hand side drop down box in only:
Libary Files and Include files, make sure your darkGDK
corrosponding folder for these files are there. ASWELL as the
Microsoft DirectX August 2008 SDK folder for those files.

4. Installed sucessfully the Microsoft DirectX August 2008 SDK
onto your computer.

xix psycho xix
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Joined: 15th Sep 2008
Posted: 3rd Mar 2012 20:23
what is the full linker error? I am not sure what an error 2019 means to the linker lol. I also use the full version of visual studio with no problems so it is not that. It sounds to me like one of your library paths are wrong. Again, toss me the full error and I will try to let you know!
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Joined: 28th Dec 2005
Location: Sweden
Posted: 3rd Mar 2012 22:37
Have you looked for unresolved external symbols?
I think static fields in a class tends to throw those when you forget to re-declare the field outside the class definition (something that happens to me quite often). There could be other reasons as well of course.

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