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Dark GDK / 3d Bullet Function in C++

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Joined: 1st Feb 2012
Posted: 2nd Feb 2012 00:58 Edited at: 2nd Feb 2012 01:35
i am just messing around with Dark Gdk and C++ but i cant seem to get a function to update my bullets to work correctly. this is what happens when i click once it shoots a sphere perfectly fine and it works just like it should and i can do it over and over as long as a wait like 2-3 seconds in between each shot. if i shoot it automatic it creates a sphere moves it a little then creates the next sphere directly in front of the last one and then so on. my bullets delete and everything its just i cant seem to figure out why they wont update correctly my code for everything to do with shooting is as follows

void Shoot(){
dbLoadImage("GunShot.png", 12);
dbMakeObjectBox (11, 7 , 7, 0);
dbPositionObject(11, dbObjectPositionX(1)-2, dbObjectPositionY(1)+8, dbObjectPositionZ(1)+24);
dbTextureObject (11 , 12);
dbSetObjectLight (11 , 0);
dbSetObjectEmissive(11 , 0x00646464);
dbSetObjectAmbience (11 , 0x00FFFFFF);
dbFadeObject(11, 8000);
dbSetObjectTransparency(11 , 1);
dbLoadSound("gun1.wav", 15);


if(bullets > 0){
if(dbMouseClick() == 1){
if(dbTimer() - ShootingTimer > 160){
if (BulletCount >= 30) {
BulletCount = 0;
dbRollObjectLeft(11,(float)(rand() % 360));
dbPositionLight(0,dbObjectPositionX(11), dbObjectPositionY(11), dbObjectPositionZ(11));

if(bullets < 1){
dbText(200,400, "PRESS R TO RELOAD");
if (dbKeyState(19) == 1){


void reload(){
y = 30 - bullets;
for(int i = 0; i < y; i++){


void Bullet(){
for (int i = 0; i < 30; i++){
BULLET[i][1] = BulletCount;
BULLET[BulletCount][3] = dbTimer();
BULLET[BulletCount][2] = 1;
BULLET[BulletCount][4] = 1400;

dbPositionObject(BULLET[BulletCount][1]+300, dbCameraPositionX()+5, dbCameraPositionY(), dbCameraPositionZ()+10);
dbXRotateObject(BULLET[BulletCount][1]+300, fCameraAngleX);
dbYRotateObject(BULLET[BulletCount][1]+300, fCameraAngleY);

dbPositionObject(BULLET[BulletCount][0]+300, dbCameraPositionX() + 5, dbCameraPositionY(), dbCameraPositionZ()+10);
dbXRotateObject(BULLET[BulletCount][0]+300, fCameraAngleX);
dbYRotateObject(BULLET[BulletCount][0]+300, fCameraAngleY);

void UpdateBullet(){
for (int i = 0; i < 30; i++){
if (dbObjectExist(BULLET[i][1]+300)){
dbMoveObject(BULLET[i][0]+300, BulletSpeed);
dbMoveObject(BULLET[i][1]+300, BulletSpeed);

now i know the coding isnt great im going to break everything up into classes and sort everything out when i am done figuring out how to get it to work don't ask why i do this i just do so if you can help with my problem and see why my bullets aren't updating then please help me out it is getting very frustrating thanks
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Joined: 20th Feb 2006
Posted: 7th Feb 2012 15:02 Edited at: 7th Feb 2012 15:10
Hmm, first, when posting your code, use the code tags (There's a button at top right when writing your post). It'll preserve any formatting and make your code easier to read and understand. Like so:

You've got several problems in the code, the main one being that you are getting mixed up with your object numbers when moving and rotating. You need to decide whether BULLET[BulletCount][0] or BULLET[BulletCount][1] contains your bullet object number

The Reload function is overcomplex and unecessary. You can just say:

bullets = 30;

I'll try and give you a template in psuedo code to help:

It's not my fault!

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