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Dark GDK / C++ Programming for the Absolute Beginner, 2nd Edition

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Posted: 2nd Feb 2012 06:37
I am reading the book C++ Programming for the Absolute Beginner, 2nd Edition and I finished the code at the end of the book creating a "Pirate Adventure" game using the Dark GDK 2D game engine.

The problem is, the game references to .bmp images for the sprites and background, yet I cannot find these images in any of the Dark GDK folders.

Does anyone have any idea where these files could be found?
They are described in the text as:

map1.bmp - map9.bmp
Let the game begin
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Posted: 16th Feb 2012 15:01
DarkGDK doesen't provide such files but if you have them from somewhere else, you need to place them in the folder where the main.cpp file is located.
(Note: If you're using reference paths make sure it's simply the filename that you specify)

This is TDM (i.e. The Dark Man).
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Posted: 16th Feb 2012 16:29
you can also use Maps//map1.bmp to organize a little better

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