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Dark GDK / Help!!! Can't have pictures displayed when I use "dbInput" to try to load and display multiple pictures.

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Joined: 6th Feb 2012
Posted: 7th Feb 2012 01:53
Help me please!
I encounter a problem when I am doing my homework.

When I use dbInput to let the program asks me to load and display first picture and second picture. The picture doesn't show up.

Here is the homework requirement.

Your program should ask the user to enter the name of the files that contain
the backgrounds to be used in the scenes.
The cartoon character should have at least the following three parts: a head, a
main body, and arms (and/or legs).
Your program will display two scenes.
There should be some sort caption somewhere in each of the scenes
In addition to the required DarkGDK function, your program must contain at
least two programmer-defined functions. Some ideas on how you might divide
your work include but are not limited to: write a function to tell the user what
the program will do and request the name of the image file to be used as
background, write one function for each part of the cartoon characterˇs body,
The program window should have a suitable title
At the end of the program you should delete any images that have been loaded in memory[quote][/quote]


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Joined: 5th Dec 2009
Posted: 7th Feb 2012 03:23
Nothing in the requirements says anything about having to use dbInput(..).

Try using dbEntry(). It's in the documentaion as dbEntry$(), which is wrong. Use dbClearEntryBuffer() to clear it.

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