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Windows / Graphics surface iin Windows

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Joined: 26th Jul 2009
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Posted: 15th Feb 2012 11:00
Is it possible to use AppGameKit in windowed mode? I would like to place the game area in a form with other controls around it - this to produce language-teaching modules. Obviously, I could use DBP or other tools to do this - but I'd like the actual dynamic (game) bit to be cross-platform.

It would be relatively easy if the player could accept some parameters, such as /W+HWND and also /A(path to assets folder

-- Jim
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Posted: 15th Feb 2012 19:33
you need a setup.agc file in your app project folder along the main.agc.

setup.agc :

for windows, to integrate this window into another program you can play with HWND's window's position and Send commands (by API) to the HWND or keystrokes to control it.

You can easily detect and retrieve a window Handle by its title (possible with all the main languages)

For Mac it's also possible but i have never tried to deal with it.

Good luck

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