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DLL Talk / Dark data confusion - new user

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Posted: 18th Feb 2012 08:49 Edited at: 18th Feb 2012 11:17
Hi, ive bought dark data and have been playing around with it, it does all I need to do in the example program, however when I try to take the code from that project and apply it in a simple learning exercise I cant seem to get it to behave.

im trying to build a very simple database to get my head around it, here is the code.

it seems very straight forward, however all data is returned as 0
edit: fixed one problem with code, but still no data/:edit
can anyone good with dark data help me figure out what I am missing.


ok, ive made some breakthroughs, Still not clear enough to post a fix for this, but at this point I can say that the issues is not using string variables.

Dark data seems to operate with string variables for its internal structure.
Even if your value is an int or float etc, you still have to use string variables.
Just convert back after extracting the data from the database.
if you use an int then you will just get zeros for all your data.

I will post fixed code when i get the above version working.

but here's a working example adapted from TGC store Dark data page.

I found it difficult to learn the dark data syntax with so many functions and subroutines to jump through.
I hope this is helpful to other dark data beginners.

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Posted: 21st Feb 2012 04:46

I am also about to tackle DarkData in the coming weeks and see if I will use it for an inventry system... for both games and other applications...

but yeah I couldnt get beyond the examples at first instance...

hope we can make this thread into an HOW TO and see what we come up with...

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Posted: 4th Mar 2012 10:41
When creating the fields in the database you need to specify what they contain. Upadted piece of code below:

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