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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [LOCKED] [X9] Prison Nightmare

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Joined: 19th Feb 2012
Location: Paris - France
Posted: 19th Feb 2012 19:15
Hey guys, I'm new here, but I'm using FPS Creator for like 3-4 years now.

So to begin, I've decided to post another project that I called "Prison Nightmare", using some old skills I have.

There is no official scenarios or stories about my game, I mean, I know what is going on, but the player will have to discover the story by himself.

There is currently 1 map only, and I've worked hard for 1 month and I keep updating my map, to mae it as scary as possible.

On my video, I had some cheers and ideas from Lee Bamber himself (and thanks again to him), so here are some previews :

Prison Nightmare 1.0 : (old)

Prison Nightmare 1.2 : (old)

Prison Nightmare 1.3 : [CURRENT VERSION]

If you have any ideas regarding this game, scenario theories, ideas or even complaints, please let me know, I'm entirely open to every kind of critics, good or bad

PS : Sorry if I have a bad English, I'm a French guy

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Joined: 27th Jul 2009
Posted: 19th Feb 2012 20:59
hey lectodn
at first you need a screenshot in your thread or it will get closed
I watched the video of your game and it really looks nice
keep on working im looking forward to see more from you

its not a bug its a feature
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Joined: 26th Feb 2011
Posted: 7th Apr 2012 21:23
Moi aussi je suis français ^^

Moi aussi je développe un jeux sous fpsc...

Tu as une démo jouable de ton jeu?

Adresse du mien :

Intel corei7 860 4x 3.0ghz / 8 GO RAM DDRIII 1600MHZ / Nvidia GTX 560 TI / Asus P7p55D / Alimentation / Antec Neopower Blue 650W / Boitier Cooler Master HAF 932

FPSC v1.18 beta 10
born for game
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Joined: 24th Mar 2008
Posted: 8th Apr 2012 10:07
Not bad. And screenshots please.

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