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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [X9] Eager Steel - The Black House

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Joined: 16th Jan 2012
Location: UK London
Posted: 23rd Feb 2012 20:54 Edited at: 23rd Feb 2012 21:12

MG Enterprise.

Set in 1984, after the death of a well respected family, Special Agent Eager Steel is called in to investigate the mysterious murders which have bought no clues to why the families were found in pieces. Pieces of bodies were found in the newly modern built house. The house which has been labeled The Black House was built just over 10 years ago and was sold to a wealthy family who were all killed. Onlookers have recently said that they have heard noises and sounds coming from the house. The house was built close to the Palmers Green Graveyard is known to have a tunnel which leads to the graveyard.
Steel who deals with special cases must uncover the truth of the
black house before anyone else gets killed. A Family who leaves nearby has said that the dead walk upon The Black House and anyone who enters the house never leaves.

Addition Information...

Custom Designed Entities.
Custom Designed Segments
Custom Designed Audio

Trailer Coming Soon
Website Coming Soon

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Joined: 24th Nov 2008
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Posted: 23rd Feb 2012 21:06
I like that you make the media yourself, we almost NEVER see that around here, and it's a breath of fresh air, but it's no substitute for good ole' well designed levels. try to work on:

the lighting: it's too white
the atmosphere: this plays in with the lighting. it doesn't look scary at all.
the textures: the walls don't really fit the floor, and the floor isn't seamless.

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Joined: 16th Jan 2012
Location: UK London
Posted: 23rd Feb 2012 21:11
Project is very early, lighting and atmosphere will change, and the house will get a lot of changes in order to make it look scary, i have major plans for the whole house which lead to a tunnel and then the game really starts.

Thnx for the advice..

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Joined: 31st May 2011
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Posted: 24th Feb 2012 10:20
walls remind me of pictures in my head when reading "house of leaves" by danielewski, dark corridors into insanity.

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