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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / You will embrace your mother like this?

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Joined: 8th Mar 2012
Posted: 8th Mar 2012 07:16
Today when scanning the news, there is a news moved me deeply. There is a picture which very moving: An old man take his seriously ill mother with a towel to a tainan municipal hospital.
Do you Still remember our childhood, how is our parents to brought us up?
When we hurt, cold, who is very anxious if only suffer for us.
But now we grow up and look at parents, once in the prime of life have face the years trace?
Recently a picture on the Internet , shocked the Chinese world!
Now we are younger just send many material things to our parents as a way of filial piety. Such as hermes bag kelly, hermes birkin and so on so expensive in hermes outlet store. Maybe we never know what our parents need. Maybe it is us need to change.
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Joined: 16th Jun 2009
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Posted: 10th Jun 2012 04:53

"This plan is so perfect... it's retarded."

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