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Windows / AGK Installation

Andrew S
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Joined: 8th Mar 2012
Posted: 8th Mar 2012 15:42 Edited at: 9th Mar 2012 23:11
1. There is a lack of documentation on the install process. When purchasing the product you are taken to a download page. Not sure how to install the rest of the files such as for iOS or android and which directory they would go in.

2. On my main system, Im able to install. I can open the workspace and can compile the programs. However, I get a runtime error when I try to run the programs. This occurs whether I run them from the IDE or when I simply try to run the executable file. The message is "testprogram.exe" quit working. This is frustrating. Have tried turning off all virus checkers, start-up programs, uac, etc even for the install process. Re-installed several times only frustrating myself further. Still, the same thing happens. Interestingly I can get agk working on another windows 7 system with very similar setup as my main system. Still do not know how to setup broadcasting, I have downloaded the necessary players on ipad and playbook but nothing happens. I do not know how to install the support for these on my windows machine.

** New info ** I have since got broadcasting working sporadically. However, I have also got broadcasting working on the system where I get the runtime error when running the program. ie, ipad and blackberry players work for the program, but the windows program crashes! Not sure what to make of this, but any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help.

Doc in a box
Ancient Lady
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Posted: 4th May 2012 16:29
Today is the first time I looked at this particular forum (Windows & Meego), otherwise I would have replied much sooner.

Hopefully, you've manage to solve your various problems. But, just in case...

1. The main installation installs all the stuff for all the platforms at one time on your Windows box. But, obviously, some of it needs to be copied to other devices.

There are good guides for doing the setups for non-windows Tier1 development at:

To produce something for Apple devices (Mac or iOS) you will need a Mac computer, Xcode and an Apple Developer's License ($99 year, each, for Mac or iOS). I've done a sorta rework of the iOS guide to account for the differences between Xcode 3 and Xcode 4 (the one you would get from Apple at this time).

2. More detail about what level (Tier1 or Tier2) you are working in and a sample of the test program code would be needed to help with the run error problem.

I can't help with broadcast to player issues, I use my Mac Mini to test on my iPad and iPod. I was able to do a simultaneous broadcast and run from my PC, but never got just the broadcast to work.

Ancient Lady

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