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Dark GDK / Memory Leaks 2

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Posted: 13th Mar 2012 01:21 Edited at: 13th Mar 2012 01:25
I have been learning C++ for about 6 months now. While going through old threads, I came across this one (Memory Leaks). By changing _CrtDumpMemoryLeaks(); to int _CrtDumpMemoryLeaks(void); I got it compiled under debug. So here is my question, if I don’t see “Detected memory leaks!” in the output window is it safe to assume that there is no leak. Or is there something I’m missing.

Mister Fuzzy
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Posted: 15th Mar 2012 06:04
I'd say it would be safe to assume that there are no memory leaks. After all, there isn't much complexity to that code. Try it on something more complex (i.e. loads more resources, makes more calculations, ect.).

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