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Android / Text issues on device once compiled

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Posted: 14th Mar 2012 22:34 Edited at: 16th Mar 2012 21:26
I'm over the moon, as I have just managed to follow the guide and get my app as an .apk file and its working on my phone... Kind of...

I'm not sure if this issue has been reported already, but I am finding that the Text being displayed on the device is not consistent with what is being displayed on the AppGameKit Player... Here's a couple of screenies to show you what I mean.

This is it in the AppGameKit Player (look at the Score):

And here it is on my device with a compiled .apk file:

Has anyone experienced this or knows what I have done wrong?

Many thanks!

EDIT: Solved... Not entirely sure how, but I was using my own font and named it Arial.png, apparently (and probably not suprisingly) there is already a system font called Arial.png which must have been conflicting. Once I renamed this to ArialFont.png all worked fine...

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