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Android / Compiling project problems

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Joined: 30th Nov 2010
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Posted: 22nd Mar 2012 23:27 Edited at: 26th Mar 2012 00:51
Hi. I've re-posted this thread here, as I think it is a better place for it.

When I try to compile I am getting pretty lots of errors.

One is:

Quote: " Source file of asset "lib/" does not exist."

when I'm in Packaging Settings.

It appears on this line:

inside bar-descriptor.xml

When I try to export the project, I'm getting this error:

Quote: "Packaging failed:1
Error: Invalid asset path "E:/Programy/bbndk-2.0.0/target/qnx6/../target-override/armle-v7/usr/lib/"
(Time of error: 21 march 2012 11:22:33 CE"

Also, in the whole project I have error:

Quote: "Description Resource Path Location Type
E:\Programy\bbndk-2.0.0\target\target-override\armle-v7\usr\lib\ No such file: No such file or directory AGKPlayer C/C++ Problem"

Though I did clean & build the project.

Is anybody able to help me out?

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Posted: 26th Mar 2012 15:32
"E:/Programy/bbndk-2.0.0/target/qnx6/../target-override/armle-v7/usr/lib/" needs to point to the file, and also try avoiding using the '..' in the path.

For the "E:\Programy\bbndk-2.0.0\target\target-override\armle-v7\usr\lib\" error, try finding the file that relates to the device you are compiling for and change the path to that one.

It's also a good idea to refer to the original Playbook AppGameKit Player source which compiles fine when you follow the Playbook Tier 1 compilation guide.

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Joined: 30th Nov 2010
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Posted: 26th Mar 2012 16:58 Edited at: 26th Mar 2012 17:31
At first, Thank you for your response

I have changed the patch which points to and now it's pointing to


And doesn't generate any errors. Though, I have no idea how to change the patch which points to Should I change it somewhere in this line?:

I suppose I need an absolute patch for it too, pointing to "E:\Programy\bbndk-2.0.0\target\qnx6\armle-v7\usr\lib" just as the other one does. (I can actually find that file there)

Currently it points to


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Joined: 30th Nov 2010
Location: Poland
Posted: 21st Apr 2012 17:18 Edited at: 21st Apr 2012 17:18
Well, I got it sorted (posted inside another thread, but I repost here for anyone else seeking the answer).

Here's what I did:

1) Opened up bar-descriptor.xml
2) Went on line about 64 and changed from:


Then the same for Device-Release.

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