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Dark GDK / Revert to older builds?

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Posted: 29th Mar 2012 07:02
I have tried to reorganize my project recently and every time I think out a plan it come out disastrous. Now it would take a ton of time to get back to the spot I was before I started messing around. Is there any way to revert your code to an older date in time?
I tried for-seeing this before and saving it as a different name but wouldn't that require me to save it as a completely different project folder? So basically I would save the project folder, then copy it, rename it, then start from that new project folder?

Anyone else have a better way of doing this?
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Posted: 29th Mar 2012 10:13 Edited at: 29th Mar 2012 10:15
You could look into version control software, like SVN. They can be configured to save older versions of files, create "build snapshots" of the code, and various other things. You can then revert easily.

However, because I can't be bothered with that, once I get to significant builds in my code, I just copy it each week into it's own back-up folder. Then I know I can just delete my current folder and drop the old one in, complete with media, files and code, and it'll work. Plus I find it easier to compare when they're two physical folders on disc.

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Posted: 29th Mar 2012 15:04
My current approach is to use TortoiseSVN, it's free (just google it). However, before that, I would use WinZip to zip up the entire project directory (using the current date as a file name) for archival purposes.

The bonus of using TortoiseSVN is that I can download the latest version of GDK source...


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Posted: 31st Mar 2012 20:04
The winzip method makes perfect sense. Simple, effective and tiny file sizes. Plus it takes care of not needing to name the project differently. Although dating of these zipped files is essential.

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