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Android / Problems running Android Interpreter

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Joined: 30th Mar 2012
Posted: 30th Mar 2012 12:30 Edited at: 31st Mar 2012 13:39
Hi all,

I'm managing to get the Android Interpreter compiling fine using Cygwin, but when I import and run it via Eclipse on the Android Player, the emulation starts up, I unlock the dashboard and then the app crashes with an "unexpected error". Here is the data from Eclipse:

I've got Vista, if that is at all relevant.

I noticed that after building the Android Interpreter, if I try to duplicate the folder (e.g. for my own app) I get permissions issues, even though I have installed AppGameKit using an admin account and allowed the application for all users.

There was a step described in the (very handy) Android pdf supplied on this forum, in which I am supposed to use Cygwin to alter the AppGameKit permissions. I got a warning (not an error) at this point that I wasn't using a POSIX filepath, could this be the problem?

Any help at all on this would be extremely appreciated.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I'm using r7b. I'm aware there are problems with this version but I cannot download r6b from the Android site.

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Joined: 30th Mar 2012
Posted: 1st Apr 2012 13:43 Edited at: 17th Apr 2012 14:19
Okay guys I fixed it (somewhat).

The problem was that when I was editing permissions using Cygwin, I wasn't using the POSIX version of the path i.e.:


instead of:


So the permissions weren't being changed, although Cygwin didn't really throw an error to tell me this. This meant that when I built the project using Cygwin, the various intermediate files couldn't be written (these are the stages marked by the word "install" during the build steps) and therefore packages were missing when the game was being run.

Just for good measure I persevered and found a link to download and roll back from r7b to r6b:

http ://

And it seemed to compile and run the interpreter okay. I've added in my own app code and it seems to run fine on various HTC and Samsung devices, but it freezes on the Samsung Note, Galaxy S2 and a hacked HTC HD2. Next step is to find out why, but I think it's something to do with file I/O.


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