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Dark GDK / Texture clamp ing

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Posted: 22nd Apr 2012 23:00 Edited at: 22nd Apr 2012 23:00
I noticed there is not really a post dedicated to texture clamping.
So I'm starting one since I'm currently trying to figure it out.

Please post anything on clamping even if it doesn't directly relate to my code : 3(D)

This is a my simple function for UV mapping.

This is my failed attempt to clamp.
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Posted: 24th Apr 2012 00:52
I'm not sure what you are trying to do.... Is there a problem with the current mapping system? Your UVmapping(void) function assumes you have 52x52 verts (correct?).
Please explain your rationale for making such a funtion. I have found problems with objects like spheres, but not with planes or boxes.

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