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FPSC Classic Showcase / [x9] 7 bad dreams [Demo alpha]

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Joined: 14th Jan 2007
Location: Sweden
Posted: 23rd Apr 2012 19:43
7 bad dreams DEMO

Developer: Memblock games

Plot/story: You suffer from terrible nigntmares, and you have volunterially locked yourself in
at a mental instutitution hoping that the personel there can help you to
get rid of those bad dreams.
Your new doctor presents you with a new treatment where he'll hook you up to a computer by
putting electrods to your head, and recreates your dreams with his computer program.

'This may sound confusing' he explains.
'Try to compare it to astral projection'
'You will be given weapons to blast these monsters away, and so get rid of your dreams forever.'
'But!,,, It will not be an imitation of you, it will be the real you which means
that if you die in my simulation you'll die for real.'

He hands over a document that you must sign to confirm that you are willing to do this.
Since you are tired of being afraid all the time you sign the document.

Let the game begin!,,,


The demo is not as 'shaped' up as I intend the final release to be, but it's fully playable. Please leave your comments
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Joined: 14th Jan 2007
Location: Sweden
Posted: 25th Apr 2012 20:47
Did anyone download and played this? Please comment, say anything. both negative and positive. The main reason that I've put it up here is that I'm seriously thinking about ditching this project, because I think that maybe it does not hold. That is why I'm intressted in knowing what you think. The game as it is now uses stock huds, except the title and ending screen.
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Joined: 23rd Jun 2006
Posted: 27th Apr 2012 23:12 Edited at: 27th Apr 2012 23:15
I think the problem may be your screenshots are so dark no one has any idea what your game has to offer other than a decent storyline...which is interesting...but without any decent screens you wont get folks downloading it.
By posting straight to Showcase without a wip thread your not giving anyone much chance to get acquainted with your project. Give more info on gameplay.

Awesome! Its one of those threads.
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Posted: 23rd May 2012 00:33 Edited at: 23rd May 2012 20:27
Well, I gave it a try.
Not sure what to think about it.
On the other hand, what I am pretty sure of is that it is waaay too dark and ammo seems waaay too short.
The first results in an urge to light up, using the ">" key, but thereby removing the nightmare feeling which originally seems to be aimed at.
The enemies are many, but they are moving at a reasonable speed,
and there was lots of space to avoid them - I liked that.

BUT the lack of ammo never let me go past the second level (not counting the introductory level without enemies);
I never could get the damn shovel - found in the first fighting level - to work as a weapon.
(Is it just a red herring ?)

So, with no more ammo to be found and the target condition being "all enemies killed" to proceed to the next level,
the second fighting level always remained the last for me to play,
and the only way out was to have myself eaten by those zombies.
Not so good.

Obstacles are also scarce (good!), but - IF you can make out what they are, you ask yourself WHY is this item here ?
But we are in dream, and a bad one at that, right ?

Don't get me wrong. I like the basic idea of the story a lot, I only wished it were implemented more consequently.
In my own bad dreams, I never surrendered to whatever was hunting me, but of course, I sometimes got cornered or overrun with no way out - in theory, in your game, you can dodge the zombies until you die - of boredom.

The "WHY ia this here" álso applies to the bed in the introductory level - which, aside from that, is a clever concept.

Maybe, a few things could help make the game more interesting:
* the bed is very good, so, why not make places where you go to sleep the transition points between levels (thereby implying, that the player is starting to dream within a dream within..., and every level getting more eery).
* Of course, you won't go to sleep with active zombies running around you, so the condition to kill them must remain.
But make it possible to optionally disable them not alone by shooting, but by making them run into traps or locked off areas and things like that.
* Although I liked the spaciness of the levels as long as I had some ammo, at the latest when my weapons ran dry, the levels became uninteresting.

I could even think of more things, because I am also considering making a game within a dream.

I think the game concept is worth pursuing, but get other people's views and ideas in a WIP thread.

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