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Android / [Tier 2] Music causes crash or other issue

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Posted: 25th Apr 2012 06:10
Here's the code we're talking about.

As far as I can tell it is working perfectly fine on Android 2.3. I tested it on a Google Nexus One and a Samsung Captivate.

The issues are with Android 4.0. Testing it on both a Motorola Xoom and an ASUS Transformer TF101 yields the same results. The results being, without the logic step ( simply invoking PlayMusic() without the if(){} ) it will successfully play through the track once and then stop. With the logic it will play through once and then freeze ( not crash ).

Any insight as to how AppGameKit interfaces with Android to play music?

More importantly ( since it's probably a fix inside of AppGameKit itself for TGC to do )what are my other options? I'm considering FMOD, but Android is not my strong suit. How would I go about interfacing FMOD with an AppGameKit app? ( Essentially how to interface an NDK library with an SDK Java app? )

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