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Dark GDK / User Input, Keeping Time, Storing Highscores

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Joined: 28th Apr 2012
Posted: 29th Apr 2012 08:02
I made a game where a user navigates a character through a maze.

I want to do 3 things that I am not sure how to do.

1) I want the user to enter their name

2) I want a timer to start and display, and stop when the user reaches the end of the maze. (Timer could be replaced by a steadily increasing score if necessary)

3) I want the times to be sorted and stored in a highscore file, and the top 5 scores are displayed

Any input on how I could do this would be well appreciated. Thanks!
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Joined: 11th Aug 2010
Location: LU
Posted: 30th Apr 2012 02:29
There are lots of ways to take input. I don't know the best way to do that, but I would probably just make my own custom input taker based on key hits using the KeyState Command.

For the timer, I suggest having a counter that just increases in value every refresh while using the text command to display your current time. no. of seconds = counter/60

For the high score file, you could use the fstream header to store info in a text file. When ever you get a new score just check to see if it is in the top 5 and then store it.

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Joined: 1st Nov 2007
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Posted: 30th Apr 2012 03:33
You could use the Win32 timer functions like this:

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