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Dark GDK / Error when trying to debug

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Joined: 5th May 2012
Posted: 5th May 2012 18:34
Hello, I am fairly new to the whole process of using Dark GDK and Microsoft visual 2010. I followed the instructions on how to set up Microsoft visual to where I can get the "Hello World" window to pop open. When I started using GDK wizard as a templet to further increase my programing abilities, everything seemed to be working out great. I pressed the build button and it said that it was successful. When I pressed the debug button, it gave me the following message:

Unable to start program "C:\Program Files(x86)\The Game Creators\Dark GDK\Wizards\Projects\Dark GDK-2D Game\Debug\Dark GDK-2D Game'.

The system cannot find the file specified.

I was hoping if anyone could help me with this.

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