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FPSC Classic Showcase / *X9* Intimate Edge - The Game

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Joined: 2nd Dec 2010
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 5th May 2012 23:17
Hello fellow fps creater`s, i would like to showcase my complete game to you.

Game Title: Intimate Edge

Game Story:

Zamperini underwent intense questioning by his superiors about his actions. Initially, he was praised for his decision helping the fight in war. Zamperini was a regular soldier, so his superiors thought and where wrong. He went into battle and though the effort of him and the fellow comrades won many victorys.

A new mission had been given to find a lost hero called Zamperini, nobody seen since. Another soldier by the name of Jamamros, was on the second floor, behind a thick wall of safety glass, and through it, he could look down into the operations room. The back wall of the room was covered by two large green electronic maps. Then the alarms went off. On the panel in front him was a red pulsating button. One word flashed: "Start."

The warning system was by now showing five missile launches and expected to give an irreversible chain reaction in a system geared to launch a counter-strike without human interference. The tension must have been overwhelming - did he really have the time to consider the global context of his actions. Many artifacts got lost with all the shocking events that envolved, trying to escape the room back into the other areas of the buildings.

You take the role of Jamamros Pegason, a final task in finding the lost packages and Zamperini is the main key.

No soldier should be forgotten. Also in the quest are beings that want you to fail in the epic tasks set out. Take a stand and be a hero.

Lead Game Designer/Owner: Simon Taylor

Screen Shots:

Please visit the game site at

Thank you, Simon.
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Joined: 6th Sep 2010
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Posted: 9th May 2012 00:24
Seems Empty, put some stuff around.

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born for game
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Joined: 24th Mar 2008
Posted: 9th May 2012 04:12
Simple , but not bad.

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Joined: 2nd Dec 2010
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 9th May 2012 04:41
Thankyou for the reply, must work harder. Again, thankyou.
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Joined: 8th Nov 2007
Location: Luxemburg
Posted: 10th May 2012 02:09 Edited at: 10th May 2012 02:09
Never mix HUD models with different styles/quality/animations.

Its a kiss of death for your game.

other than that...nice start

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes, art is knowing which ones to keep.

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