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Dark GDK / Seeking volunteers to help bring DarkGDK 2.0 to C# and VB.NET

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Posted: 9th May 2012 15:07 Edited at: 9th May 2012 15:14
DarkGDK 2.0 utilizes a different code base than DarkGDK 1.0 and as such the previous releases of DarkGDK .NET will not longer be compatible.

I have been given the task of taking up the reigns for supporting DarkGDK 2.0 as a full TGC-branded product. However, I do not have any previous experience with .NET products. Because of this, the current incarnation of DarkGDK 2.0 does not have native .NET support. However, this can change with your help!

The requirements are that you be familiar with the process required to port C++ code to C# and/or VB.NET. I can make myself available over Skype or other IM clients to assist in the conversion process.

DarkGDK 2.0 has been designed from the ground up to be easily ported to other programming languages. Therefore expect the code required for the transition to range somewhere between 800 to 1200 lines of code (easy!). Rebuilding all of the OO classes as well will take some additional effort beyond this.

Feel free to post a reply here or contact me directly at

This is also a fantastic opportunity for you DarkGDK .NET people who may have always wanted to see some new features which were previously unavailable.

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