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FPS Creator X10 / FPS X10 - weapons cannot aim down sight - please help

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Joined: 4th May 2012
Posted: 10th May 2012 13:41
I recently bought FPS creator X9 & X10 for my son.
We have updated both games (X9 to 1.19 & X10 to 1.11)

It seems that the FPS X10 version of the program, when testing a game, does not allow you aim down a weapons sight using the right mouse button. (This is not an issue in the X9 version of the game.)

I have done a search on the forum and have not yet found an answer, and am hoping someone here has some knowledge of how to solve this problem?
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Joined: 14th Jun 2010
Location: The Netherlands.
Posted: 10th May 2012 22:12 Edited at: 10th May 2012 22:13
Hi Idillic.

FPSC X10 does not support ADS (Aim down sight) unless you use Mystic mod. If you go to the Mystic mod thread in the FPSC X10 section of the forums (where you are now, obviously ) You will find plenty of information about Mystic mod and its features. I really recommed it. I don't have X10 myself, neither do I have mystic mod, so I can't be sure about the ADS but I think you should take a look at it.

Good luck


PS. If you need to script the ADS into the weapon files, feel free to make a new thread and ask for help

Le Shorte
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Joined: 6th Apr 2009
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Posted: 11th May 2012 00:16
I can confirm that ADS is fully-functional with MM.

Cheesehead for life.

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