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Matty H
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Joined: 7th Oct 2008
Location: England
Posted: 11th May 2012 17:55 Edited at: 12th May 2012 16:55
If anyone wants to post about Dark Dynamix then please put [Dark Dynamix] in the title so I know which posts need attention from me, people can then use the search function to find all posts related to Dark Dynamix.

To use Dark Dynamix with DBPro you will need to update DBPro to version 7.62 (12th May 2012).

Update here

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Posted: 13th May 2012 02:55 Edited at: 13th May 2012 03:05
@Matty H

thanks for starting this thread

because I just moved my DBP over to this computer
and not do a reinstall of every thing I had to do the following

the only way I could get DBP 7.62 to install was to
do a install of the free version

DarkBASIC Professional - FREE

I first moved the folder containing the current setup
then proceeded do a total new install

the only problem is when they built it
the set it to install in

C:\Program Files\The Game Creators\Dark Basic Pro\Dark Basic Pro

but mine was set up for

C:\Program Files\The Game Creators\Dark Basic Professional

so after I do the new install

I go into the registry and set the folder I want it to load from

put all my files back in and then install the update

well almost I have to tell the update DBP 7.62 to install
the folder I pick other wise all it will install to the root of c:\
which is not ware I want it to be

so those are the steps I had to do to update to DBP 7.62

I've been using pc's since 1995 so I've learned how to
convince them to do what I need them to when problems happen

to move side ways - is to move forward
Since a Strait line gets thin fast

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