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Dark GDK / Play 3D animation once with Mirebens animation class (new updates broke dbPlayObject())

Mr Bigglesworth
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Joined: 4th Mar 2008
Posted: 13th May 2012 19:41 Edited at: 13th May 2012 19:42
I am using Mireben's excellent animation class ( The problem arises as you have to call "object.animate()" every frame for every object where as "dbPlayObject" you only have to call once (which was nice, if it wasn't broken ). I can't get the animation to play only once, I tried doing

And it played the animation once but If I reset the "isAnimating" varible it would animate again (and it is a hassle to find the "ShootTimer" values for each weapon )

I was wondering if anyone had any idea's on how to play it only once for each click of the mouse.
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Joined: 12th Apr 2010
Posted: 14th May 2012 04:43 Edited at: 14th May 2012 05:13

i would do it like that , however you initiate the animation you can control it by its frame number , the animation becomes its own timer.
just find the right frames do do things at the right time.
just realized this is not dbpro section, sorry if that answer isnt helpful .

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