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Program Announcements / Keyword extractor

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Joined: 18th Mar 2011
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Posted: 5th Jun 2012 13:21

This is just a simple program I threw together, it's intended use is for extracting keywords from the .ini files so you can read the commands better, though it could potentially have other uses.

How to use:
Just drag & drop a .txt or .ini file onto the 'HDD_Keyword_Extractor.exe' and you're done.
(New file outputs to the location of its source file)

I only tested this with .txt and .ini files, so not sure what other file types will work with it.

Please feel free to suggest anything you feel should be added, hope you find it useful, enjoy! ^^

Download: Click here!



(The keywords file in the images above is from the AdvancedSPRITES plugin.)


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