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FPSC Classic Showcase / Black Project demo

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Joined: 14th Apr 2011
Location: Romania
Posted: 7th Jun 2012 09:51 Edited at: 10th Jun 2012 18:27

General information
Black Project is a horror-shooter by the Pro game life Team. The story takes place in 2016, where the world is destroyed by an atomic war.
My name is bekli, I worked for the Corporation blackproject largest and most powerful
commercial entity in the world.
I was head of security
the secret laboratory called "Setup", a giant underground laboratory
create the experimental weapon.
But there was an incident.
Afost broke a huge cylinder, and the virus could be held until
The virus escaped and ..., di computer lab gave the alarm and locked all Doors and
... all have died.
But I survived.
After 24 hours the army sent in search of survivors. [/center]
Estimated full-version release:2013

- Own source-code modification. (Based on FPSC 1.19)
- Custom music and most of the sounds, too.
- Many custom media (segments, entities and so on.)
- Dark atmosphere. Might get a little frightening...
- Cutscenes.
- English voice-acting. (With subtitles in Romanian)


More screenshots available here:

[b]No, I have now!

Full demo (already patched)
Size: 210 MB
Mirrorsart 1
Mirrorsart 2

Patch from 1.0
No, I have now!
Known bugs
We cannot guarantee, that the demo is completely bug-free, so we would like to make a list of all known bugs and errors in the demo here and fix them all at once later. Everything could be a great help!
Bug report/Contact
If you encounter a bug or an error, please either make a comment in this thread, or drop us a mail at:

We hope, you will enjoy this demo-version.

Pro Game Life Team

Metal Devil123
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Posted: 10th Jun 2012 16:01 Edited at: 10th Jun 2012 16:01
Here are the rules for posting here.

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Posted: 10th Jun 2012 18:29
I hope it's better, description

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