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Windows / is it exe file for App Up? I never used AppUp, but I want to try it now.

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Joined: 27th Apr 2011
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Posted: 16th Jun 2012 05:06
Is it a exe file which can be run in windows? I want to upload my game into AppUp.

The Miracrea Games
Lucas Tiridath
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Joined: 28th Sep 2008
Location: Kings Langley, UK
Posted: 16th Jun 2012 10:49
Quote: "Is it a exe file which can be run in windows? I want to upload my game into AppUp."

Yes, your program needs to be compiled to an exe to run natively on windows. However to upload to AppUp, you will need to package your exe correctly in an msi installer. The installer must be "silent" meaning that there must be no required user interaction with it beyond granting it administrative permissions and it must be signed. Also note that it is not the exe that is created when you compile for testing on your machine. Rather, you need to compile it to an exe using VS to compile your own version of the interpreter, just as is the case for other platforms.

To package your app as an msi, you may want to have a look at the App Developers Group thread that has a wealth of information. Personally, I always user Mr D's MiniMSIMaker that makes the entire packaging process much easier. There is a comprehensive guide on submitting your app to AppUp (admittedly written with DBP apps in mind) here on TGC also has their own documentation on the process specifically for AGK.

I should add that having said all this, I have yet to get an AppGameKit app to run successfully in AppUp and I have yet to hear from someone who has. However the issue (for me at least) hasn't been packaging it but getting it to run through the AppUp client. See my thread on this here.

Anyhow hope this helps and good luck!

DBPro Tool Maker
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Posted: 16th Jun 2012 11:33
Hi Lucas, thanks for the mention of MiniMSIMaker, but I just want to clarify to halley that this doesn't include the signing process, so that has to be done manually on your EXE before using my tool (optional) and on the MSI that my tool creates (mandatory).

Also, I just wanted to inform you that my game Rogue Robot Rampage was created using AppGameKit Tier 1 and I was able to successfully create and package it on AppUp using the instructions for creating my own interpreter. I have replied to your other thread on this as well.

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