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Dark GDK / Model to Mesh w/ armatures?

Mister Fuzzy
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Posted: 5th Jul 2012 01:43
For my game, I want the player to be able to design their own character, from head to toe. In editor mode, I understand that I can scale and morph limbs to simulate changing features, but I also would like to save the model as a mesh when the editing is done so that the character can be reloaded later much faster. I intend on accomplishing this by using multiple armatures, one for editing, one for roaming the 3D world, and one for RPG battles. Is it possible to do it this way? Can I apply a new armature to a mesh, or are meshes strictly static? I can use the character's editor armature if I can't do this any other way, but to save memory and time I'd rather not...

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