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Dark GDK / [Dark GDK 2.0 Dark Dynamix

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Joined: 3rd Nov 2009
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Posted: 22nd Jul 2012 09:38
Quote: "So you don't have any way to rewrite the source code?"

Seeing as Dark Dynamix isn't open source, no, I'm afraid not.

Quote: "I will be working on an update very soon, I can't guarantee I can replace all the commands which contain a vector, but if you list the ones you see as vital then I will add more commands which avoid the dbVector structure for those commands."

Awesome, thanks Matty. Will you be using an internal set of vectors which we can then access the X, Y, and Z components from via something like 'dynGetVectorX(VectorID)'?

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Matty H
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Joined: 7th Oct 2008
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Posted: 22nd Jul 2012 19:28

Would become this:

I can't use DX9 matrices for DBPro compatibility reasons.

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Joined: 12th May 2008
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Posted: 22nd Jul 2012 20:23
That's how the Newton wrapper did it, and it works out pretty good. If the programmer gets tired of all the function calls, they can create a quick and dirty wrapper that puts the values into a DGDK 2.0 vector.

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Joined: 5th Dec 2009
Posted: 22nd Jul 2012 20:38
GDK 2.0 has structs for vectors:

This would be an exceptable alternative, I think.

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Posted: 3rd Aug 2012 02:24 Edited at: 3rd Aug 2012 02:45
Some reason I fixed the vector problem in version 1. I know that in version 1 if you have MFC code that you have to play with the c++ options to make vectors work I don't know if this is the same thing that is happening in the build but I pretty sure that if you change a few options you can get vectors working. I pretty sure that it can be fixed through project settings
if you check my project setting in this post then it might work don't know. Vectors were not working when I decided to use MFC so I modified it as so, but this is version 1 so I don't know if it work with version 2.

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