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Dark GDK / Ctrl Alt Delete AccessViolationException

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Joined: 22nd Jun 2012
Posted: 30th Jul 2012 00:01
I have been doing some research into this problems, and have found some solutions posted, but none are working for me... Also I am using DarkGDK.NET.

If I hit control-alt-delete while the game is running I get an AccessViolationException here...

Here is my current game loop...

First I create a memoryFlushSprite image that is a small 1x1 pixel that is pasted every loop. If this image is lost, it should fall into the line where it retrieves the image from the MediaHandler class again. But it is not ever running into that line.

When the memoryFlushSprite image is lost, its Width/Height = -1, so I tried checking for that too. Even wrapping the DarkGDK.Core.Sync() in a try/catch doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t work.

Does anyone know how I can find when ctrl-alt-delete was clicked so I can reload my assets? Thanks!
Mister Fuzzy
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Posted: 9th Aug 2012 23:03
There should be a command like dbScreenInvalid() in DGDK.NET. This returns TRUE if the application has switched out and back in; this will prepare your app for not only CTRL+ALT+DELETE presses, but also from errors that may arise if the computer enters a screensaver or sleep mode. Or if Java takes over the system with another one of it's stupid updates.

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