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FPS Creator X10 / FPSC X10 Turned into X9 FREE! (Please Help!)

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Joined: 23rd Jul 2012
Posted: 31st Jul 2012 20:37
I have been recently using FPS Creator X10. It had all entities, but a lot of errors. Due to the errors, I installed X9 Free cause I didn't want to buy it. I went into FPS Creator, and all the newest entities disappeared. The installer had overwritten the whole X10 folder with the X9 files! Oh noes! Someone please send me a link to X10 or something, I am pretty sure it also deleted my maps! I don't even have X10 entities anymore! Like the Chugshot! If the owner of TGC can give me the link, I would be so happy! Oh and don't worry. It's X9 Free edition, not a pirated full version.


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Joined: 26th Jul 2010
Location: Preston, Lancashire
Posted: 1st Aug 2012 14:27
Hi Catsia,

follow this link and read through what to do. You might need to reinstall if this doesn't work.



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