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FPS Creator X10 / I need help please

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Joined: 16th Aug 2012
Posted: 17th Aug 2012 03:42
hello.. i have problem .. i want to make awesome game and im trying it .. i made level and more.. i have full fps creator x10 but i have problem when i go test level.. it is loading loading and when it says saving and optimizing universe... it crash fps creator x10 has stopped working.. i need help.. and i have other problem when i made simple game at start i executable it.. and when i start it there is no new game . just load game and exit game.. i need realy help with this .. please
science boy
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Joined: 3rd Oct 2008
Posted: 18th Aug 2012 14:33
sounds like an address problem, make sure you test the game bit by bit, in other words suggest test everything you put in the game by doing a process of ellimination. just do a 6 segment floor and then test each object one by one. if it does not work insantly, then your segment is wrong so use the default. if that is not working, have you shifted the program files etc in an organized fashion to suite you, this could be the problem. suggest after upgrading to 11.1 version and making sure that your pc has the x10.1 driver in place, should work fine. any issues with that dude chaeck the main notices, above they explain all

hope this helps

an unquenchable thirst for knowledge of game creation!!!
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Joined: 19th May 2012
Posted: 10th Sep 2012 15:37
Hi Vagos 98....

I think i did the samer as you,in the Build.exe

Firstly,when you come to the first screen,at the top of it it says
"simple game.fpg..change that to your game title.

Everything should all fall in place after that...

Hope this solves your problem...

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