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FPS Creator X10 / Fix for waiting to join error/Help on runtime 301 error

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Joined: 14th Sep 2011
Posted: 26th Aug 2012 23:28
Hey guys so I finally made a test multiplayer game for my friends and me to play with FPSC IP 4.0 and MysticMod. So i start the game and make a lobby with my friends, but when i start it said waiting to join for them. So then I experimented and saw that if you start the game and have someone join after, the waiting to join error is gone and the game works like a charm. However, the only problem is that when i shoot someone, the game crashes and gives me 301 runtime error- sprite line doesn\\\'t exist 0-53676 . So, if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this i would appreciate it.

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