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Android / T2 build with Android NDK for x86

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Joined: 31st May 2006
Posted: 29th Oct 2012 10:31
Is it possible to build AppGameKit shared libraries for x86 . Currently I can only find T2 libraries that support ARM.

Will there be AppGameKit library support for x86 builds using the Android NDK. Or can I modify the ARM libs for an x86 build.

For the x86 build here is a reference article, which doesn't work for me with the command line parameter 'APP_ABI := x86' because there are no x86 shared libs.

Any help will be appreciated.
Ancient Lady
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Posted: 29th Oct 2012 16:11
The AppGameKit libraries for Tier 1 and Tier 2 are the same. It is the support files (Core.cpp for example) that make the difference.

There is no need to worry about x86 builds for Android programs.

If you use the v1076 Android project from this post, you have a good start for v1076 Tier 2 projects (Xcode and Windows Tier 2 are also included).

And this post has a link that has good v1076 and v1082 Android players (both can be installed at the same time).

Ancient Lady
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