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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / [dark dynamix] My airplane parts exploding when I set the mass!

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Posted: 4th Nov 2012 14:19 Edited at: 4th Nov 2012 19:00
I am facing a strange problem related on the mass of my objects.
Here my steps:

1) I made my airplane objects

2) I use DYN START command

3) I USE THE SET PARAMETERS from last help code by Matty H:
DYN SET GRAVITY 0.0, -9.8, 0.0

4) Using the "DYN COOK CONVEX MESH" and "DYN MAKE CONVEX MESH" to give a convex mesh physic model to my airplane parts.
In this step I provide the density for my airplane parts (all parts = 1.0).

5) *** Using "DYN SET MASS" command to give the mass to my airplane parts. The mass value I am using is 1.0

6) using the "makeJointFixed" function provided by Matty H to join all my airplane parts to the main aircraft body.

7) I prepare 1 collision groups where I put all my object parts

8) Using "DYN GROUP SET COLLISION" to make my airplane parts can't collide each other so I use : DYN GROUP SET COLLISION 1,1,0

Ok, If I use these steps without the 5th step so I get my program working fine!

If I use all these steps (including 5th step) I obtain my aircraft explode....

haha yeah, like a big bang effect.. look at the video here :

I tried to change the difference between density and mass in many ways but I always obtaining that explosion..
But I noticed that If I give less mass so the explosion is less fast and less violent..

Seems a problem related to the poligon interpolation of the airplane parts convex meshes.. but I already provided that the airplane parts can't collide each others..

I find that the problem is to try to give mass to an object that has other objects attached (with the DYN JOINT commands)
If I give a mass to ALL the aircraft parts except the main body so I obtain no problems or objects explosions.

After many tests I see that the main object must have double mass than other airplane parts.

If the wing mass = 5, the main object must have mass = 10

Like a more mass needed to reach to sustain the ohter joined objects..
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Posted: 13th Dec 2012 08:56
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