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FPSC Classic Showcase / Best Friend Demeanings [x9][v1.19]

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Joined: 15th Jun 2010
Posted: 5th Nov 2012 06:46 Edited at: 5th Nov 2012 06:48
Best Friend : Demeanings

Created with FPS Creator [X9] V1.19
Created by: Mini0013xx

Storyline: We find ourselves after the conclusion of the final battle of Best Friend: Beginnings (Play that game before you play this one), and are now ready to host a celebration for being the only survivor. There is trouble that will be caused. Your enemies are now stirring in fear after the rumble you've caused, and rumors are spreading that a certain general knows the location of your base, located within enemy lands. Follow the protagonist as he fights his way to hell and back to get the general, and learn more about himself. (After all, he WAS suffering from amnesia in the first game).

Game download here:

And for all who get stuck, or cannot load later map files, I will be doing a walkthrough of the game soon.

P.S. Please, if you've played the first game of this, don't let it back you away from playing the second, or any of my other games. I know that the first game was bad, but it was built in less than 16 days, and was based on level design I made 2 years back. (Paper design all the way).

This project was made in about 8 days, but there was a lot of crunching involved while making it. I am definitely happy to say that it is twice as fun, twice as fair, and twice as interesting as the last game.

Also, credit to the music during the credits is to me. I created that music using the program MuseScore.

Lastly, just like the first game, I had to cut this game into two parts for some strange issue where it wouldn't load the maps unless if they were in seperate exe files (I don't know why this is), so the first three missions are on the first exe, and the last four missions are on the other exe file.

Please play the game, and write an honest review below. If you think that I did okay with the resources I was using (being stock assets), then please say so in the comments below, and tell me what I can do to make my games better in the future.

Thank you for playing.
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Joined: 19th Sep 2009
Location: Volgograd
Posted: 5th Nov 2012 20:28
This looks really cool mini I will be downloading it as soon as I get home from work!

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Joined: 15th Jun 2010
Posted: 6th Nov 2012 00:58
Quote: "This looks really cool mini I will be downloading it as soon as I get home from work!

Thanks for the interest! Don't forget to write a review below!
Leon Kennedy
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Posted: 8th Nov 2012 18:21
Downloaded and tried to play through it yesterday. Sorry the review is a day late, but I had other stuff going on that prevented me from doing this.

First, I applaud that you did this with stock media. A lot of people won't even attempt to create something unless they have custom media that they either pay for or are given, and it's nice to see that someone admits that all they used was stock media. So kudos for that.

However, I am not impressed with any other aspect of the game:

1. The first level is nothing more than walking through the building up a couple flights of steps until you reach some guy at the top of the building. Took me all of 22 seconds (I played through the level once then reset and timed how long it was) to get up those steps. No interaction with anyone, no searching for anything, no explanation of even why I was going up the steps. I listened to the intro a couple of times, and not once in the intro did it explain (that I heard) why I was going up those steps.

The level is far too short, and there is nothing to do. I think you could probably walk around and just look at stuff, but that isn't fun at all.

2. The level intros are...poor, at best. A black screen with someone talking? And no way to skip through it? Ugh. Is there supposed to be a video here? If so, I didn't see it.

3. One of my biggest pet peeves is player speed. I HATE not being able to move. And I hate having to keep the Shift key depressed just to be able to move at a pace that I think should be normal. I've toyed around with the player speed attribute in the player marker in FPSC, and I don't think anything less than 175 should be used. This may be just me, but I really don't like having to cross an extremely large area and being able to brew a pot of coffee before I get to the other side.

4. So the second level is basically walking back down the stairs and attempting to not get killed by all of these guys that somehow magically show up, even though the entire building was secured by friendly forces. Heck - the friendly forces AND the bad guys are all in the building at the same time. How the hell did that happen?

And on top of that, I didn't even need to kill the bad guys. I sat back, out of sight, and let the friendly forces do the job for me. I got sick of just waiting around, so I decided to get in on what little action was left. Which wasn't much. I eventually let myself get killed off because I was not having fun.

OVERALL: Not a fun game. Not for me, anyhow. And before you or anyone else says that I've given bad reviews on games, and that maybe I should make my own seeing as I'm so difficult to please...

I know what I want in a game, but I do not know how to translate that into creating a game of my own. I tend to get bogged down in the tiniest of details, such as room contents and lighting, and I have a tendency to get a billion ideas at once all competing for attention. So I cannot translate what I want in a game into a game itself.

But, because I know what I like, I know what I don't like in a game. And in this game, I don't like a whole lot.

I know you put the time and effort into this, and I will never bash someone for actually creating a game. But in my opinion, this one needs some work.

Priest of the Church of Joe Wood

In memory of Nanee. 9/1/1993 - 5/16/2009. Rest in Peace, little girl.
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Joined: 15th Jun 2010
Posted: 10th Nov 2012 02:14
@ Leon Kennedy

Actually Kennedy, I didn't put too much time into this at all. This was made in 8 days, and isn't even a project I'm really taking seriously. It's just to explore different forms of level design.

I know that you don't like the game experience, and that I myself am a bit unsatisifed (and as a creator, I am usually ALWAYS unsatisfied with my work),and I respect that. These games are little more than simple tests for different things, however.

Also, the reason why I didn't put too much time into it is because I'm working on a much larger game (with around 20 levels) which needs to have custom soundtracks be made for it as well as voice acting and cutscenes where it is needed.

And the first level will only make sense if you've played the first game (which is horrid), and the second level was more for gameplay. I mean, the level would be much worse if it only had 1 encounter, at the very end. :/

Well, I respect your review! Thank you for playing it, even if you didn't play through it all the way.
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Posted: 25th Dec 2012 02:04
Merry christmas and happy new year to you all.

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Posted: 25th Dec 2012 11:06

...sorry if something sounds too harsh, but you asked for honest reviewing:

1. The visuals - I usually don`t care that much, but even with stock media you could have done much better. More variety, usage of lightmapping and clever lightsourcing, more details and decorations... looks & feels very empty.

2. The level design - I like games where you have the feeling being in an envrionment that could be encountered in real life, too. So believable archtiecture, buildings / room sizes and layouts e.t.c. The game lacks this one.

3. The gameplay - well, here are some bright spots. If you choose to enter the battles instead of watchign the two parties killing each other off, it has some fun moments. Not many, but occasionally you can feel somethign like a thrill.

Overall it`s better than the first rooms I threw together prior to starting Anderson, but you still have a long way to go.

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