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Android / Virtual Button Limited to Size of Image

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Joined: 25th Oct 2012
Location: Fresno, CA
Posted: 6th Nov 2012 19:48
Is there a way to limit the size of a virtual button to the size of the up/down image? I currently have rectangular images set up for some of my menu buttons, but if I click outside of the image boundaries it still clicks as if it were the button. Here's the code I'm using for when I set up my buttons in begin(), and I just unhide them when I bring up my menu.

Ancient Lady
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Posted: 6th Nov 2012 20:27
Currently, virtual buttons can only be square.

I put in a request for being able to make them rectangles, it would greatly enhance using them as menu bits. The request was accepted with medium priority.

Hopefully, it will show up by the time they finish v108.

Ancient Lady
AGK Community Tester

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