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DLL Talk / visual c# - can you make .dlls for DBPro with it?

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Posted: 16th Nov 2012 22:29
just trying to teach my way in to this new(ish) language - the basics are easier than I feared - which got me to thinking - "it's ruddy fast, could I make dlls for DBPro with it" - at the risk of being spooked by a v technical answer, can I?

a long time dabbler with DBC and DBPro with no actual talent but lots of enthusiasm...
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Posted: 16th Nov 2012 23:22
Add me to the Asking list

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Posted: 27th Nov 2012 00:47 Edited at: 27th Nov 2012 00:49
There are two things a DBPro DLL needs. The first is a win32 string table resource:

The second is the ability to export unmanaged functions:


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