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Android / Google Play Licensing with AGK/NDK

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Joined: 25th Oct 2012
Location: Fresno, CA
Posted: 9th Dec 2012 20:47
I was just wondering if anyone's had any success setting up the Google Play Licensing with their Android/AGK game. I've imported the library and added the permission to the manifest, but I wasn't sure if I should/could edit the Android template files, or if that would even have any affect since the C++ files are where the magic happens.
Ancient Lady
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Joined: 17th Mar 2004
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Posted: 10th Dec 2012 15:22
This sounds like you are working in Tier 1. If so, it is a bit trickier to try to integrate other libraries. You would probably need to edit the interpreter.cpp file in the shared location and that might indeed break stuff.

Ancient Lady
AGK Community Tester and AppGameKit Master

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