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FPS Creator X10 / Problems with the FPSC x10 scene

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Joined: 23rd Dec 2012
Posted: 23rd Dec 2012 15:01
I would like to test the game which i created but, when i am testing the game there comes a window with a problem message.

What is the problem and what can i do????


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Years of Service
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Joined: 18th Dec 2010
Location: Orlando, Florida, USA
Posted: 31st Dec 2012 23:48
Would you please post the information in the body of the message and provide your computer specs? People will be hesitant to open the attached file since you didn't provide much info and you have a recent join date (i.e. we don't know you and want to make sure you are not hurting our computers or kidnapping us).

Also, are you receiving an error any time you try to test a level or is the problem isolated to just one particular level? That is, if you start up a new level, put nothing in it, will it load when you test it? This is important for us to know in order to best help you.

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