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Android / Graphic Hickup Resolved!

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Posted: 26th Dec 2012 21:46 Edited at: 26th Dec 2012 21:49
For those setting a sync rate and every second seeing a slight blip...where the graphics stick and then smooth again.

I've resolved it and gotten smooth playback for my hockey game by doing this...

at start of your project type this:

global time#

now just before the start of your main loop....grab the time:


then in your process before syncing add this function:

//main loop

//got some game to process

//blah blah

//ok now grab a delay

//this function delay here
function delay()
while timer()<time#+.015

So this resolves the sync blip graphic glitch on the blackberry device.
I have a feeling that the sync() command gets a head of itself and slows down and causes the blip....using the timer keeps it in sync.
Also using any other value then 0.015 makes it blip again....or choppy if larger. 0.015 is the magic number and should return a solid 60fps rate

edit: will look choppy on windows! so dont use that until your testing on your playbook

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