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DLL Talk / 'DARQLite' - a SQLite wrapper plugin for DBPro

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Posted: 29th Dec 2012 13:00 Edited at: 22nd Feb 2013 17:47
[ If there are any updates etc, I will post them on this WIP thread:- ]

Success! I have managed to create a wrapper for SQLite3. It is very much a beta version at the moment. But I have managed now to create .db sqlite3 databases and query them, create tables etc.

This is a beta of the plugin so please DO test it to destruction - no one seems to have done so yet...

Why SQLite3? Because it is serverless, self-contained, requires no configuration and has no dependencies. Took me several years to realise, but SQL is a very powerful, very simple, database language in itself. And it's fast. SQLite does not have the full SQL language but near enough. It does indices, views, multiple tables etc within Databases and the query/search capababilities are very flexible. See the link to SQL syntax below.

Current Version = v0.6b (22/02/2013)
Update Log:-

Current Command List (@ 73 commands)

- Please forgive the awful .txt help files - they were generated by a (rubbish) program I wrote to build .rcs, .inis and help files
- Please also forgive the repetition in some of the commands
- In a sense, I have over-re-invented the wheel with the commands above to simplify SQL query - but the strength is in SQL itself.

Useful Links:-
SQLite Homepage:-
SQL syntax:-
SQL as understood by SQLite:-
SQLite (freeware) Database Manager GUI I found on the web:- (see bottom of web page) (can import MS Access databases/tables!) download link:-

Ideas for further development:-
- commands to allow for 'BLOB's of data ie. to allow maybe for storing of images in database...
- commands for import of CSVs in to Tables / databases - perhaps import of other formats

a long time dabbler with DBC and DBPro with no actual talent but lots of enthusiasm...


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