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Windows / Tutorial: have XBOX360 controller work with windows tier 2 AGK

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Posted: 3rd Jan 2013 22:01 Edited at: 3rd Jan 2013 22:05
Hi everyone! I have worked hard for getting this to work, but finally figured this out! here is code to add in your agk code to have XBOX controller interaction. here is code to add in your template.h:

now functions to add in your template.cpp:

the other buttons for the xbox controller are also Y,B and X in replacement of the A in XINPUT_GAMEPAD_. You can also access the joysticks by doing the GETState().Gamepad.sThumbLX/sThumbLY/sThumbRX/sThumbRY. I hope this small tutorial helped!

edit: here is a link for all of the buttons:

hello there!

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