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FPS Creator X10 / Need some Help "Blue Screen in FPSC X10"

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Joined: 4th Jan 2013
Posted: 5th Jan 2013 04:44
Hi im new here... its great to be here and i love TGC FPSC x10 but there is one thing im confused about. When i bump into certain Static Entites at a certain spot of that entitiy i get a bluescreen ... Screenshot attached. Please help me solve this problem.


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Joined: 30th Jul 2011
Location: Everywhere
Posted: 6th Jan 2013 06:28
how are people getting x10 when TGC doesnt even sell it anymore?
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Joined: 6th Dec 2012
Posted: 6th Jan 2013 17:09
Le Shorte
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Joined: 6th Apr 2009
Location: Wisconsin
Posted: 6th Jan 2013 19:47
@ xlghostlx
I've always given new people the benefit of the doubt with being a new x10 user. I didn't join the forums until 4 months after I got the original FPSC, so maybe it's the same deal here.

Cheesehead for life.

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